Sunday, September 16, 2012

They do run, run, run... They do run, run...

I'm a little (read: 16 days) late coming to the daily blog prompt game, but I think I can make up for it before the end of the month. Just like with running.

My weekday running routine goes a little like this:

8:00pm: Get ready for bed, telling my husband, "I really need to run tomorrow. I know it'll make me feel better if I do, than if I don't."

8:30pm: Husband asks if I'm ready to turn my phone off yet. Oops, turning phone off...

9:00pm: Turn phone off, but double check that all alarms are on, ready to wake me up in the morning.

4:00am: First alarm goes off. I regret going to bed so late. This must be a bad dream. Fall back asleep.

4:10am: Second alarm. Groan. Reluctantly get out of bed, get dressed. Remind myself that this will make me feel good; you never regret a run, right? And that extra ten minutes won't make that much of a difference anyway.

4:20am: Start stretching and mentally waking up in front room, while looking at phone, checking out blogs, facebook, and instsgram.

4:30am (if I'm lucky): Start running. Can't stop yawning. Blech. Repeat mantra, "you never regret a run." Run for 30 to 45 minutes (again, if I'm lucky).

5:30am: Shower. End of routine.

Kinda boring, like any routine. I prefer sleeping in, as I'm sure anyone and everyone else does. I'm so excited for cooler weather, so that I'll look forward to waking up to run again. It's just so dang hot recently. If I had my choice, I would run in 50° weather every day of my life.

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