Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A quick rundown

Other things have been going on, too...

I officially started training for my third half marathon, this time using this training schedule. Ten weeks. It's gonna ramp up quick, dude. I'm worried about how pooped I get already; this should be interesting.

I'm almost disappointed to say I have a one-track mind recently; I'm all geared to gain 20-50 lbs (give or take... everyone's different).

Also, I have an addiction. To Pinterest.

Oh! And PER MY REQUEST, I planned what we're doing on February 14 th. (I hate "Valentine's Day;" I even call it "VD." Yes, I'm one of THOSE women, one who's OBVIOUSLY being beaten down. OBVIOUSLY abused. OBVIOUSLY feels unloved.)

Ohh wait, I'm none of those things? That must mean I can make my own decisions. Crazy. So our plans:

I'm serious: this is what I'm doing. With my husband. We're skipping the roses (as always, a standing request).

In other news, I've found some pretty cool Facebook and other social media postings that were awesome enough to save to my device:

Behold: a puppy.

A motivational quote.

Where I would like to run some day.

Ahh...the good old' days of carefree medication. Now I'm down to just my (ahem) vitamins.

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