Sunday, January 27, 2013

Forget Ann Landers. And relationships.

I've been thinking about relationships recently. Friends, family, and other loved ones. Some relationships get stronger through life events, good times and bad; some kind of fall apart, and you wonder why you were friends in the first place. What exactly was the point of this relationship? It mutually beneficial once, but somehow it turned one-sided. You do all the work. It isn't fun anymore, and despite what Ann Landers might say, you just don't have the energy, time, or sanity required to hold on.

I love that my relationships with some people (one person in particular...

...) only get better and better. But unfortunately, one cannot live with just one relationship. There are so many relationships in life.

How do you deal with the ones that head South?

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  1. I've had several relationships (friends, significant others) go south over the years. It's hard when it happens, but others come in and form new relationships that are worth holding on to.


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