Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Could it be true?

To put it... um... "succinctly" maybe... Last night, New Year's Eve, was interesting. Unique. Nights like last night are rarely what I expect. "Interesting" kinda wraps it up.

My older brother and his wife started watching "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" at about 11:15 or 11:30 last night. Not long into it, at maybe 11:45, their six-year-old daughter comes out of the bathroom, completely and absolutely naked from the waist down, holding her dripping-wet pants and poo-covered underwear, and screaming, "the toilet overflowed, there's water on the floor!"

Tim and I sprang into action, running for towels and a mop (wouldn't you?). My sister-in-law started chastising the poor thing, telling her to put her pants back on. My brother was unfazed; honestly, he didn't even look, much less say anything. I love that movie, but seriously?

Okay, so there's that. And then this:

I've been having strange symptoms, and one of them woke me up and kept me awake for much longer than I would have expected or desired. Muscle cramps. I could barely keep my legs still for thirty seconds to a minute at a time. Completely miserable.

They say that what you're doing on New Year's is some sort of indication of what you'll be doing in the new year. If that's true, it could be kind of a dream come true, actually. Cleaning up after a CHILD. That would be okay this year.

Yeah, after six and a half wonderful years of wedded bliss (and maybe a little bump here or there), we're going to start looking at expanding.

This is very exciting.
And scary.
And fun.
And nerve-wracking.
All of those things.

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