Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I can't believe how crazy he didn't believe I am!

I can't remember what I was so excited to share earlier this weekend; maybe it'll come to me. (Probably not.)

One of my favorite things is to make people think I'm crazy (note: it could very well be that I like to fool myself into believing that I'm not; it's kind of a toss-up). So today, as my work computer was changed out, I had a bit of down time, which I spent people watching (and catching up on stuff that didn't require a computer... or monitor... or desk... or training material). Blah, blah... I ended up actually asking the IT vendor guy if he was aware that if you get a very quick glance of him, from far away away, without your glasses, and you're so tired you're basically on the verge of hallucinations, he kinda sorta looks a little teeny tiny bit like Olympic speed skater Apollo Anton Ono.

I even conned the poor guy into letting me take a picture of him. Now I have proof:


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