Saturday, January 5, 2013

Take two. Let's get this right this time.

Ugh, my blogger app just lost this post I did. It was thought-out; it took a while to write; it was my masterpiece! It would have won a Pulitzer Prize. I coulda been a Prize-itzer Pool winner (ten points if you get the reference). Ah well. Let's try again.

By mid-day on Thursday, I realized I had a major craving for a couple of things: #1

Eureka Burger, and #2

A Sazerac.
Or two (same difference).
Oh yeah, and #3: salt (not pictured, because I didn't have it until Friday, for dinner).

So we grabbed a friend, stole him away from his sick beloved, and headed to Fresno for burgers and Sam's Club.

We all had a great time. Chitting. Chatting. Joking. Laughing.
On the way to my very quick obgyn appointment at the Selma Kaiser, this picture and this song popped up on our console.

It made me smile because Xander (my little brother who passed away 12/13/2011) once opened (with the band he was in) for Dave Matthews Band, and he hated them with a red-hot passion. Especially "Satellite," which was always my favorite. It's little things now, over a year later.

It was my nephew's birthday yesterday; I can't help but love the stuffin' outta this guy. I used to have a recording of him saying, "Bubba [that's me], you are my best fwend!" Now that he's officially fifteen years old (good grief!), he chooses to slay zombies instead of cuddle with Bubba and say "I love you" over and over again. Go figure.

Obviously, I had no choice but to embarrass the holy hell out of him on facebook and instagram, plus pepper him with lovey-dovey birthday text messages. Obviously.

Next up: some strange French film that's been raking in the dough. Our friend wanted to see it, so we agreed to go (for the second time).

Good movie. Plus, no subtitles, "win-win!" (Twenty points if you get that reference).

Did I mention I've been craving salt? Yeah, like it ain't nobody's business. We had to get soup (my demand for dinner), so we hit Panera (and Kirkland's) on our way to turn our friend back over to his beloved. Their chicken noodle (not to mention their corn chowder) is incredible!!

So...anyone ever go to Panera? Any favorites there?
What about my movie references? Any movie dorks like me out there?

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