Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shaver Lake: There

Friday morning, we said a quick goodbye to our two oblivious doggies, and then we headed for the hills!

'Round about 3:00, we arrived ar and checked into our destination: The Elliott House Bed & Breakfast. It was the first time either of us had stayed at a B&B (I may have when I was little, v but I don't remember it).

Every square inch of the place was lovely, adorable, charming. We loved it and can't wait to return. Even the bathroom was cute!

How cute that there's an electric candle in the window! I want those for my house. I was in love.

We stayed in the Dogwood room ("suite"? I'm not sure about the labeling. No matter...). We weren't really there for the room so much as the location of the place, and it's proximity to snow.

At about 4:30, there was a "Happy Hour," where they give you wine, cheese, crackers, coffee, cookies... whatever you want. Very cool. I loved the atmosphere: happy, relaxed guests, laughing, loving, and making plans for the next day.

Which is exactly what we discussed.

...After we walked down the road to get a pint of Vanilla Heath Crunch.

And spot at least a couple of grammatical errors (yes, I was completely offended). We walked back to our room to eat our ice cream and watch "Sweet Home Alabama" followed by "Serendipity" while snuggling in bed.

It was a perfect first day of a getaway.

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