Saturday, January 12, 2013

I know what you're thinking...

No, seriously: crazy mad woman on the loose.

Little things have decided to annoy me today.
What? No, it has nothing to do with my wild mood swings. Why would someone think such a hurtful thing? It's okay, I love you.

Apropos of nothing, my husband is a saint.

I was doing a normal Saturday thing (cleaning, doing laundry, sorting and folding and hanging) when these rabble-rousers decided to suicide-by-cop (me) themselves, and I yanked them off of the bar. They were totally asking for it. Totally nothing to do with me, not at all.

With that, I was banished to the upstairs, where I decided to chill out a little (ahem, a lot) by updating my iTunes library to include some totally rockin' favorites I got for Christmas.

To quote "I love the 90s" (one of my favorite shows): "I know what you're thinking: damn dirty hippy." And you're not wrong. John Denver doesn't even have a shirt on that cover (but boy, does he wear some loud 70s ones on the inside pages)! And don't knock the Carpenters; I can't help that I love them so much.

After a quick oh-crap-I-forgot-to-read-multiples trip to the grocery store, we made this wonderful salad. It starts off with red and green lettuces, then cucumber, bell peppers, the last of the kalua pork, and then the whole thing is drizzled with write this downvery important** mango balsamic vinegar and citrus habanero olive oil. Out burns soooo good! Oh baby.

Finally, because I needed a little giggle tonight, I present to you: FISH JOKES!! If you can't use a little laughter, just skip it.

Good night!

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