Sunday, January 6, 2013

Busy boxes and Typhoid Maria

Continuing the theme of the weekend (busy busy busy, go go go!), yesterday. In a nutshell.

Our first stop yesterday was the farmers market, where we found soap made from the oils of palm, coconut, and palm.

Does that seem redundant (or repetitive) to anyone other than me? Blah blah we were this close to bringing home a totally adorable pit bull mix, but it just didn't seem right. The time. The dog. Us. It wasn't right. For now.

Next was moving Tim from Point A to Point B, this office to that. It was just down the street from the farmers market, and on our way home, so I tagged along to help when and how I could. I ended up being the one to put stuff in boxes, wheel them over, and unload them. It was dark. I was alone some of the time. I had to find something to make myself smile.

Gah! Scary people peeping through the box handle! Teehee.

I found some other fun sights, too.

And I stole a cookie from a friend's desk. What? He left 'em there!

Because I'm a trouble maker, I had Tim take a picture and send it to the friend, who responded by telling us that "Typhoid Maria" brought them. The same Maria that went home early to find out that she had strep throat.




So if I get sick and die from those frikkin' cookies, it's my own fault. Sorry for stealing a cookie. Tim took one, too! (For the record.)

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