Friday, January 11, 2013

Just a friendly bout of crack cold...what!?

It all started innocently enough: my first run with a friend. It's true, what they say, I discovered: running and talking with a friend really makes the miles fly by! I had high hopes for this morning: three miles. Maybe.

It was all just a pipe dream until I had to stop to walk, and checked how far we had run. To that point, it was just barely less than three and a half miles.

I was a little on the pooped side (not literally, fortunately). I think I ran through something toward the end that I'm probably deathly allergic to...

Yadda yadda... I feel like a "patient" on Celebrity Rehab. All of a sudden, I'm sneezing and tearing up non-stop. It's in my head, not my chest, but still... I just wish it would go away.

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