Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1st and all of the cliches implied therein

I'm not much for New Year resolutions; I like to think that if it's important enough, if I want to change something enough, I'll change then and there...or at least as soon as I can (depending on the situation).

A new calendar year is just another revolution around the sun. Another 24 hours. Not a big deal. For me. Still, it provides a decent measuring stick: what did I want to accomplish last year, and what do I want to accomplish this year? It's an easy date to remember.

That said, this year I would like to run more, if it's possible. By that I mean I'm not 100% sure where my running ability will be; it could very much depend on my mental and physical state. In short, we'll see. Regardless: stay healthy.

We're trying to cut back our spending, at least until that lump-sum lotto payment comes in (ha!). That means fewer races, but I've signed up for one, the Shamrock'n Half Marathon. It was my first half marathon ever, the one I did last year. I can't wait to do it again, with more of a commitment to training and preparing. Get psyched!

Also on the race calendar: another 5k jaunt up and down Christmas Tree Lane, maybe with more family and friends this time...? Again, "we'll see."

Spend quality time with people I like. Express passion. Love intensely. All those cliches, blah blah.

Be engaged in life and the lives of those around me; don't "check out" prematurely. Be present in the moment.

Okay, now I'm getting way too cliche-y. What are your goals for 2013, if you've even considered it? Any amazing races on your calendar? Planning any PRs?

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