Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chocolate-covered haircut

Note to self:
Remember to bring hiking shoes.

Last week flew by, and I'm afraid this week will be the same. We've been so busy here lately; I can hardly breathe! No worries: it's a good thing.

I made something chocolate-covered to take to work on Halloween, and I just had to try some chocolate, because that's the rule when you bake, right?

I may have gotten a bit on my face.

I had to be one of the few Halloween revelers at work. Again: it's the rule. Devil made me do it. But it was really sad that almost NOBODY dressed up this year. Very, very sad.

Yesterday, I got to see a friend and get a haircut (trim), and I feel amazing! Don't you love that new-born, fresh, rejuvenated feeling of a haircut? I love it; makes me feel new and fresh.

Tomorrow, I plan to do ALL the laundry in the entire house. Quite the undertaking, I must say. But it's all in preparation for this little away time we're taking. I'm very excited.

Oh yeah, and I'm sure some running and biking will find their way in the plans for this week and weekend, too.

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