Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Don't get crabs. Watch people instead.

You know those days that you have to just disconnect and decompress or else you'll explode? That was me, today.

I loved starting off with a nice almost-two-mile run this morning (I don't exactly do well in the heat, which is why it was such a short run) along the beach on the cement boardwalk.

If I hadn't been running, it would have been perfect for just sitting, lounging, reading, and people-watching.

So...we did. And we (me and my hubby) loved every minute of it. He wandered around more than I did, because he had to check out the crabs hiding in the rocks and stuff. Boys: gotta love 'em.

I had the best time just watching people. Honestly, I'm not a crazy stalker; I just love observing how people walk, talk and act.

There were the cutest kids at the beach with their parents this morning, for example. Bucking the stereotypical TV sitcom mom, this one was overweight and busy taking as many pictures as her camera would hold, ignoring skinny dad, who was busy interacting and playing with both kids... Every once in a while, when I heard a kid screaming bloody murder, I looked up to find dad throwing one of his water-winged youngsters high in the air, then watch them splash in the water. All to the kids' horror and dad's pleasure. Still, they were so cute, the young family of four; dad calling his son "dude" and mom taking pictures non-stop, while the boy screamed and the girl played in the sand. Such a cute family.

Then there was this crazy chick who thought she was being creative and original when she took multiple pictures of her feet, using different photo-editing apps, and posting some random ones on facebook and instagram for the world to see (and obviously, remark on her soon-to-be-famous foot pictures).

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