Sunday, November 11, 2012

That's the way it's gonna be?

I have felt so guilty, ever since we landed on Maui, and I unpacked and realized I packed EVERYTHING but sports bras. It's been tops on my to-do list since I realized it, so when we went to Costco this afternoon, I knew - I KNEW - my search would be finished. I would be while once again.

Alas, the Costco here carries no sports bras. Oooooof course not; why would they? It was the only reason we made it a point to go there, but oh well.

At least we found picked onions; that was important!

I had to be dropped off at KMart, run in, grab a couple, run back out. Soooo glad to have found and bought some there, finally! Now, to find a bit of spare time, maybe a half hour, so I can run.

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