Sunday, November 18, 2012

Puft dreamin', prizes, problem solving and an annual 5k

What do you think about when you're not supposed to think about anything at all?

Does something pop into your head, regardless of your very conscious effort to avoid thinking of anything?

Weird things happen in my head. I've never truly been able to comfortably go without thinking. I think of random things: good times, bad times, memories I want to remember for all time, and memories I wish had never happened.

Some are dream-like; did that rashly happen in reality, or was that just a strange passing thought?

When I run or elliptical or bike, random thoughts go through my mind. I think that's what impacts my workouts the most: what I think about. That, plus my mood, can make a workout "good" or "bad."

When I run for a goal, a prize, a treasure at the end of a rainbow, the thing itself can motivate me, depending on what it is.

The feeling I get when I complete a run is one of my strongest motivators. I love achieving goals.

I think more creatively when my body is physically engaged in some way. I run for fun, and to prices thoughts and ideas. When I need to solve a creativity problem, I have two options: run or sleep. Same effect either way; both have benefits.

I almost always think of Alexander when I run. Or when I'm alone. Or with family. Or sleeping. I think about him a lot. Last year, just after he died, I ran a 5k in honor of him; I was on vacation in New Orleans, which had been planned months in advance, but I decorated a shirt specifically for that run, one with his name and info on it. I signed up for another 5k this year, and I think I'll do the same thing: decorate a shirt in honor of him.

What do you think about when you run? Anything in particular? Nothing? Or do you go through a stream of consciousness as crazy as mine was just now?

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