Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sunrise and Brewing on Maui

After my missing checked luggage incident yesterday (which was resolved in the time it took just to eat dinner), things kind of turned around and straightened out. For the most part, anyway.

We started today by heading to a highly-raved-about breakfast spot, the Sunrise Cafe. I love little hole-in-the-wall places that locals frequent, and this was one of those. It did not disappoint. Except that the coffee could have been a bit more free-flowing. Whatever. My french toast with mac nut syrup was great.

Then we were off to the Maui Brewing Company tour, where (with the help of my beloved) I recreated one of the Olan Mills pictures from when I was maybe seven or so.

Yo. Bartender. Can I get a drink over here or what.

The tour was educational and interesting, but here is what I really wanted (too bad the display case was completely empty, not even a crumb):

I've never even tried pot, but if it was legal (as I believe it should be), I would give it a go, at least, in baked goods. Natural. Holistic. Organic.

We couldn't leave without a six-pack of [root] beer; that's the law!

Both places were awesome, and I would definitely go again IF I found myself on this island, but that isn't very likely, since I far prefer Kauai and Oahu. By, like, a very long shot.

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