Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pig gets caught escaping the trash, cookie dinner, and suicide averted

It's Erection Day... Um, sorry. I meant ELECTION DAY. This year was a really big deal, even if both candidates sucked big-time. My candidate of choice was out of the game 'round 'bout Primary Election time (boo).

I swung past Starbucks on my way to work this morning to pick up some drinks (one for me, and the other for a coworker friend) and a couple of those "indivisible" bracelets. Decided I'm not the biggest fan of skinny mochas. Oh well.

Work days have seriously flown by for me recently, not that I'm complaining, just remarking. It's much preferred to work days that drag on.

Maybe it's because I've started moving around, getting up from my desk, walking, getting water, walking on breaks. Actually leaving my desk chair in general does wonders for me. So do my meds, though.

At least I caught a picture of this on my walk this afternoon:

This was something I considered today, this cute little porker. Do you think it's a message? A joke? A statement?

It could be something along the lines of "when pigs fly." The pig faced outside of the trash area, so is the pig trying to escape a dump, much like some workers feel they're trying to escape this workplace? (It's been a mass exodus outta there recently.) Are the workers the pigs?

Or, is it something a bit more innocent: perhaps the trashed pig fell out of the trash vehicle, and just happened to land on the fence part of the enclosure. I really do wonder.


I had to vote after work, and because it's my first time voting since we moved, I didn't know exactly where to go; fortunately, there were a whole bunch of people just like me, who didnt know where they were going, either.

We eventually found the place, a Baptist church with a seriously crowded parking lot! It was like they were giving away magic lamps with genies to grant each person three wishes. Totally crazy. Parking lot. Lines. Gym area where everyone voted. All of it: crazy.

Ahh...dinner. Tomorrow shouldn't be much better.

And then, I turned on the news, decided NOT to end it all tonight, ran around the house cleaning and organizing and tidying and emptying and loading the dishwasher and finally, FINALLY, going to bed. Once I hit "publish," it's game over for tonight.

But stay tuned. Much hilarity (among other things) to ensue in the coming couple of weeks.

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