Friday, November 16, 2012

Guys, girls; Boots, Kimo's; sleeping beauty

We only stayed in that lovely (read: anything but lovely) hotel room in order to be a half hour closer to Diamond Head, which we hiked at sunrise yesterday morning.

It was crowded, but beautiful. As usual, Tim powered his way up, driven as he is, and was the third person to reach the top. Go, him! I was a little slower.

I was sandwiched between a couple of American guys in front of me, and a couple of Japanese chicks in back of me. Fortunately, the guys helped push me forward, and the girls didn't pass me. It was cute: I interacted with the Japanese chicks despite the severe language barrier, and a few minutes after we got to the top, they found me and each insisted they have their picture taken with me. How cute is that?

Cross that off the ol' bucket list. Take picture with total stranger. Done.

The guys were here on business, though. I had to ask for clarification. They didn't exactly seem the part of travel/adventure journalists (hello, they took pictures at the top, and that's it). I had to know. Not only to satisfy my own curiosity, but also s I could apply; whatever company sends their people to Hawaii is a company worth working for.

The answer: Deloitte. And they had to hurry back to their hotel to do more work. Yeah, maybe a career there wouldn't be so thrilling for me. I don't even know what they do. (Note to self: research what Deloitte does.)

Anyway, the sunrise was beautiful. Very worth it. Very recommended. Loved it.

But now it was time for food. And drink. Eat, drink, and be merry, 'cause we just climbed Diamond Head!

Soooooooomeone from our group (who didn't hike) was more interested in sleeping than anything else. What a cutie: she slept in the car the whole time; we knew she would be safer there than at the hotel.

So we made our way to breakfast.

Boots and Kimo's. And their very famous (and heartbreakingly delicious) mac nut sauce over banana pancakes.

Definitely a must-eat when we come to this island again. Oh. Holy. Yum.

And it was back to sleep for this beauty...

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