Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why are you doing what you're doing?

From where I'm sitting right now, I can see a variety of things:

My morning beverage of choice here on the islands, warm and sweet, just how I like it.

The ocean, a little boat, and a paddle boarder doing his thing.

Cars and mopeds zooming up and down the road, probably cursing the congestion tourists tend to bring.

Walkers, joggers, runners, and bikers. A guy passed by not too long ago, each arm carrying a surfboard.

So, why am I here? Why am I just sitting on this hotel balcony watching the world go by? Why isn't it me out there running?

In a word: priorities. Right now, in this moment, my priority is relaxing, enjoying the view, and then I'll go to the hotel gym to get my sweat on (while avoiding the humidity).

And until we leave this beautiful place, my priority will be to kill as many birds as possible, with the fewest number of stones. One of these days, before we leave, we plan to drive the road to Hana, and go hiking there. Enjoy beauty of nature + get nice and sweaty. Love it. My idea of a GREAT time.

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