Saturday, November 17, 2012

Smiles in spite of the UB

Think of Hawaii, and what products you might want to obtain from there. More than just your standard Hilo Hattie tourist-y souvenirs. Any major money-making exports you can think of?

Maui Grown Coffee. We came. We saw. We sampled. And the uppity barista (UB) didn't like me, probably because she lacked a sense of humor.

There were some awesome bags and coffee-related goodies and unique peculiarities to be had. Like, for example, coffee jelly and espresso jam. I asked the UB what to do with things like that; she said I could put it on toast, or mix it with ice cream or basically anything (which made me think, "no freaking kidding, at that point it would be MINE; I could throw it in a lake or out a window if I really wanted; I could use it as shampoo or face wash"). I wanted to hear her say, "it's really great on/with..."

The different types of coffee beans of were very interesting, and all smelled great. I love that smell.

Y'know they say, "the best revenge is living well," so Tim and I left the place with a bag of Maui's finest, a picture of us smiling, and a smirk for the UB.

Take that!

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