Thursday, November 15, 2012

Waikiki: we gonna die in this hotel room, and ain't nobody gonna find us 'cept the 'roaches

Tim's mom is the guru of timeshares; she finds awesome deals for places people really want to go, like DisneyWorld and Waikiki. Usually, the places are amazing.

Last night, we needed some preparation for such an... umm... interesting place.

There was the sliding doors that separated the two rooms (with peep-through slats that provided very little privacy)...

And the very outdated kitchen with old fixtures and decor. Seriously: these pictures do it NO justice whatsoever. Just gotta believe me.

The beds were indescribably uncomfortable, and both had dips in the middle. Check out the huge (20"?) TV. Yeah: impressive.

Let us not forget: this place was NOT in the best of areas (not by a long shot), so the fact that the door locks weren't exactly reliable left the four of us a little on the nervous side.

At this point, we just wanted to get the hell outta dodge as soon as possible. We had early plans in the morning, but fortunately, the plans didn't require anyone to shower...

We was scared of the 70s-style showerhead and drain; there was no telling what was under there, and none of us were willing to find out.

The master bedroom (and bed) left much to be desired.

At least we had a lot of fun laughing about how scary the place was. Cue the nervous laughter.

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