Sunday, November 4, 2012

I can't be the only one

I've been busy recently, from decorating, cleaning, cooking, working... Everything is just so time-consuming! Still, I make time for things that are a little less "FIRE!" and a little more enjoyable. Like spending time, energy, and money on friends and family. The catch is, though, that it gets old if those people don't really reciprocate. Or thank you. Or even acknowledge the time, effort, etc.

I have some facebook friends like this. They're kinda-sorta "family," or... Maybe they're a little closer to "family friends." I know they go through some heavy stuff, especially recently, but I'm on the verge of pretty much writing them off because it seems like they don't care.

These folks change phone numbers every couple of months, and they always wait for me to ask for their new number on facebook AFTER I've sent a million text messages telling them I'm worried because I haven't heard from them in a while.

So it seems that the relationship is more one-sided than I would like. But I don't want to block them or un-friend them. Is this just one of those times that I should just put up or shut up?

Any ideas?

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